The Historic District Action Guide is a results-oriented, straight-talking guide for local activists, professionals, and preservation commissions committed to winning and maintaining local historic districts. Its political approach focuses on the crucial challenges of gaining and sustaining community and local government support for district regulations.

“In The Historic District Action Guide, Bill Schmickle provides communities and citizens with practical, accessible, and realistic advice for implementing and maintaining a historic district. The Guide doesn’t dodge the hard issues, and it recognizes the essential politics of the process.”

                --TOM MAYES, vice president and senior counsel, National Trust for Historic Preservation

“Written to inspire you—the local preservation advocate—to undertake the challenging work of creating a local historic district, William E. Schmickle’s book features short, informative chapters containing real-world examples from across the nation. Read this if you want to win your fight to designate a local historic district and maintain it for decades to come.”

                --DONNA ANN HARRIS, principal, Heritage Consulting, Philadelphia

“Schmickle makes it clear that a historic district, once formed, takes on a life of its own beyond the control of those responsible for its creation. Nonetheless, he provides a guide for the journey to designation—a journey filled with controversy, politics, and community engagement.”

                --KATIE RISPOLI KEAOTAMAI, executive director, We Are the Next


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